Reaching Patient Populations - Bringing Clinical Trials to UK Patients

The UK is a unique place to deliver clinical research. Over the last five years the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has recruited more than three million patients into clinical research studies. Last year alone we recruited 666,639 patients and almost 35,000 of these were recruited into commercial contract research. 99.9% of the NHS (National Health Service) is actively involved in research to some degree, and 79% is actively delivering commercial contract research.
These record-breaking levels of engagement have been achieved through a combination of awareness raising campaigns and a globally unique government-funded research infrastructure which is fully integrated into the NHS..
This presentation  will describe how the NIHR Clinical Research Network reaches out to patients in every corner of England. It will explain how the Network model brings together communities of clinical practice through it’s 30 specialties, and covers the whole of England through its 15 regions. It will also showcase some of NIHR’s most innovative patient and public-facing research campaigns such which are unprecedented in Europe:
  • I am research
  • Join Dementia Research
  • The national clinical research activity league table
  • Focus on biosimilars